Friday, July 07, 2006

Convention Hotel Rooms Sold Out

All rooms NAPSLO booked at the Hilton Chicago, Palmer House Hilton, and the Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers have been filled and NAPSLO requests that members who have not mailed their registration and hotel forms to NAPSLO should make hotel arrangements on their own.
NAPSLO will locate rooms for registrations received as of July 7 however NAPSLO will not be able to accommodate any past that date. NAPSLO confirmation letters will list the hotel where attendees have been placed.

Because of other conventions in Chicago, the major hotel chains were not able to assign any additional blocks of rooms to NAPSLO but attendees can find individual rooms at a number of hotel locations in Chicago. New registrants should check the various hotel chain web sites or to secure a room.

To see the location of the convention hotels, and find other hotels in the area of the Hilton, please see the Hotels section of the NAPSLO website or use the "Search by Address" feature at (The Hilton Chicago zip code is 60605.)

In addition, meeting space at the Hilton Chicago has been filled but some remains available at the Palmer House. Space for cocktail parties for less than 100 people is available at both locations.

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