Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Washington drops non-resident surplus lines exam requirement

Under a "Rule Making Order" dated July 2, 2008, non-residents are no longer required to pass an examination to obtain a surplus lines license from the state of Washington. The new rule becomes effective on Aug. 2, 2008. Washington was one of the last states to continue to require an exam for non-resident surplus lines broker licensing.

According to the order the change was necessary to align the states requirements for holding a surplus lines brokers license with national standards.


Roy Compliance said...

How about bringing pressure on Florida to do the same? Their 60 hour pre-licensing study requirement is absurd, yet alone taking the exam.

INTLXS said...

This was long overdue. They made it tough for out of state surplus lines brokers to take and pass the test since they only had classes for it in WA. Plus they did not have study material. It was a 4 hour test with 3 hours of it reviewing company convention statements. One of the worst tests I have taken in a long time.

At least Florida had concise study material to review and the test was reasonable.

maniot said...

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