Monday, March 02, 2009

Update on Mary Ellen Rozzell

As many of you already know, former NAPSLO President Mary Ellen Rozzell was rushed to the Emergency Room at the Eisenhower Medical Facility in Rancho Mirage, CA early Saturday morning. At the time, she was attending the NAPSLO Mid-Year Educational Workshop in Palm Springs, CA.

At the facility, she was examined and found to be in very serious condition and was diagnosed as having a massive brain hemorrhage which was determined to be related to a genetic circulatory problem called Arteriouvenous Malformation or AVM.

The medical team performed surgery on Saturday morning after which Mary Ellen was placed in the critical care unit of the hospital.

Our prayers and thoughts go to Mary Ellen, her family, her many friends in our industry and her colleagues at Continental / Marmorstein & Malone.

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