Tuesday, February 21, 2012

E&S Joint Working Group Conducting Tech Survey on Workflow, Deadline is Feb. 27

The Retail Agents Subgroup of the Joint E&S Workgroup is in the process of surveying managing general agents and wholesaler brokers to ascertain the extent to which they are addressing major workflow recommendations that retail agents would like to see when writing E&S and program business.

A brief survey developed by the subgroup is available at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/GAandWholesaleBrokerSurvey  and the group is requesting firms complete it by February 27.

Lisa Parry Becker, Chair of the Retail Agents Subgroup, plans to report on the results of the survey during her report at the E&S Joint Working Group meeting on March 4 at the AAMGA Technology Conference in Atlanta.  The responses of individual organizations will not be reported, except to the extent the subgroup get the organization’s permission to publicize positive examples of implementations.

The E&S Joint Working Group was formed by ACT, AAMGA, and NAPSLO in 2008 to improve the efficiencies for retail agents interacting with managing general agents and wholesale brokers in the E&S market and to promote the electronic exchange of data between the parties.

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