Wednesday, August 09, 2006

NAPSLO seeking committee volunteers

Employees of NAPSLO member firms interested in volunteering for a NAPSLO committee and attending Committee Day in late November in Dallas should notify NAPSLO by the end of August.

Members should e-mail the request to, or write or fax, the NAPSLO office by August 31 to volunteer for a committee assignment. In the correspondence, provide background information and any areas of interest. (If e-mailed, please include firm name and firm address.)

If you are willing to volunteer for a committee assignment, indicate availability to attend Committee Day, which is scheduled for November 13-14 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel at the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport.

NAPSLO has nine committees and approximately 100 volunteer committee members. Each year a number of the committee members leave committee service, making room for new volunteers to join the committees.

Current NAPSLO committees are as follows: Budget, Finance, Audit & Investment; Communications & Technology; Convention; Education; International; Internship; Legislative; Membership & Ethics; and Mid-Year Educational Workshop.

There are usually more volunteers than committee positions and everyone may not be selected. However, members are urged to continue to apply in the future.

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