Friday, September 14, 2007

PDF Electronic Online Forms Now Available

NAPSLO now features interactive electronic PDF applications and forms that can be completed onscreen and e-mailed conveniently to NAPSLO, versus printing, handwriting and mailing via postal mail.

All applications in the Member and Labels & E-mail Address section of NAPSLO’s Web site now feature the interactive PDF Smart Forms.

Having the capability to electronically fill out a form is fast and simple. The document contains data fields where text can be directly entered and can also include radio boxes and checkboxes for multiple choice questions. Using these Smart Forms also ensures the information entered will be legible and allows the user the ability to keep backup copies electronically.

To view the applications containing forms, please visit the Member and E-mail & Labels section of NAPSLO's Web site.

Let NAPSLO know if there is a particular form or application you prefer to feature Smart Forms. E-mail with suggestions.

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