Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Technology, Leadership Highlight Tuesday's Programs

NAPSLO’s technology program and NAPSLO’s Next Generation panel discussion among industry leaders on lessons learned from their first hard market were the focus of Tuesday’s programs.

The technology program, Current Technology Issues: Bringing Carriers into the Mix, reviewed broker, vendor and insurer technology approaches to smooth data transfer. “Carriers aren’t going to be successful if we mandate things,” said Greg Ricker, Strickland Insurance Group CIO and Co-Chair of the Joint Working Group’s Carrier Subgroup. “We really have to have everyone come together. This is not a carrier problem, it’s not a wholesaler problem, it’s an industry challenge. And there’s enormous interest in what we are doing.”

NAPSLO’s Next Generation sponsored the panel discussion, Lessons Learned from My First Hard Market, where industry leaders shared their tips for success in the business. “As the NAPSLO logo and phrase ‘uberrima fides’ suggests, you must act in utmost good faith, because your clients and colleagues want to do business with people they trust,” said Dave Leonard, Chairman and CEO of RSUI Group. “Demonstrate your expertise, your work ethic and the value you contribute to the insurance transaction.”

“I encourage all wholesalers to do what we do best – develop your expertise and your key relationships,” said Matthew D. Nichols, ASLI, President of All Risks, Ltd. “These fundamentals are key regardless of the market cycle.”

The program was moderated by Nick Abraham, NAPSLO’s Next Generation President.

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